Carnelian Crystal Affirmation Candle



Pure coconut wax and aromatherapy Candle in Luxury gift box.

Affirmation - “I release fun and creativity from within me now.”

Pure coconut infused oil with warm orange and tangerine inspire creativity and sensuality. Sunset walks along beautiful beaches, with deep spicy aromas of souks, all hand blended into a deliciously inspiring mix of sweet and musky. Light the flame on the candle, close your eyes and allow the ignition of your ‘inner flame’ and the homeopathic Carnelian Crystal to lead you towards a delicious future of freedom and creativity.

Each candle has been hand poured and is presented in beautiful gift box that contains a affirmation card inside.

Burn time: 30 hours.

Please allow up to two weeks delivery for these hand poured candles, unfortunately we can not offer next day delivery on this item yet.