Treatment Review - Energy Alignment Therapy February 19 2019

I am really happy to review our stockists’ treatments because you all do such amazing work. First to be reviewed:

My experience – session 1
I have had many therapies over the years and mostly they have been lovely. Kind people doing wonderful work. But it was with a little trepidation I was invited by Kris and Kate to experience their new therapy, both experienced therapists and powerful energy workers combining their skills to BOTH work on me at once! Being a sensitive soul I react to things very strongly and knew I had some ‘stuff’ arising with mums impending passing. I had no need to worry, they have created a fabulous and tender space, beautiful on every level and I knew I would be in safe hands. Having two people working on me at once, one reflexology and one facial was a TOTALLY blissful experience and I felt very safe to relax and receive.

I felt myself move into a very deep place and was able to access some wonderful insights that were very helpful. At the end they gave me space to express my experience and then they shared their insights which were spot on. I was invited to pick a card to take home and given some delicious chocolate, what more could I want!  When I left I felt as if I could walk on air, and I noticed (or rather Graeme did) that my face looked more and more toned as the days went by, my skin a healthier colour too. Over the weeks, following I noticed insights coming thick and fast and felt more sustained in a lovely way.

Session 2
After mum passed, I returned for a second session which was equally as special. I obviously had a huge amount going on in my mind, body and spirit which they handled with tender hands and hearts. I was able to access the grief more fully and had some wonderful insights once again which were so helpful for the weeks ahead. Again my body felt wonderful my face shone and my spirits felt lifted and at peace. I highly recommend this treatment on many levels. If you just want a fabulous facial with reflexology and dribble with bliss then go for it, but also if you wish to access your inner wisdom on a deeply spiritual level then these two fabulous ladies are ready for you. This treatment reaches those hard to get places that you know you need to go to, but need help accessing. Thanks so much Kate and Kris x

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