Michael Gove will love our candles! February 28 2019

Now, I am not usually a lover of politicians, but Michael Gove’s comments on the dangers of most candles rang my bells. As you know I produce my pure coconut candles with pure aromatherapy because I was so shocked  to discover what is in ‘pure’ and ‘natural’ candles. If a candle smells out a room when burning then throw it in the bin – it is highly toxic and not for human (or animal) lungs to breathe in.

Did you know it is legal to call a candle ‘aromatherapy’ by using chemicals to create a match to natural oils. This is all highly toxic because your burning in an enclosed space. You may as well light up a cigarette. Also Soya wax is all GM and grown in vast spaces in the USA where they used to grow food for the people who are now starving for vegetables. Just so you know!!


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